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I'm a digital content creator and writer based in Toronto. My writing mostly explores music, lifestyle and culture. You can see all of my published work in my portfolio.  My goal is to work with a talented team at an agency that allows me to use my creativity within digital content and truly speak to an audience. When I'm not focusing on all of those things I'm probably listening to podcasts or scheduling in time to finish all of my shows! 

I currently co-host and co-produce a podcast called Shut Up, Nobody Cares with my best friend and business partner Anne Phitsanoukanh. Together we brought this idea to life and I can't wait to see how far we can take it. A huge component to the podcast is a live storytelling show. It's an outlet that means a lot to me because storytelling and collaborating with other creatives is a passion of ours and we decided to create our own avenue to do that. 

Always down to collaborate or just talk contact me